The team is aiming at improving the pick & place robot that designed by last group last semester. The main aim is to design the detection and localization systems to ensure the robot can recognize and locate the chairs precisely. Then the systems will be integrated into the new robot and control it to detect and pick up the chairs.

In chapter 1, background information and problem definitions are described. Then the research goal and questions are indicated. In chapter 2, theoretical framework to solve the problem is clarified by existing technology and theory. Chapter 3 explains the methodology we chosen and sub results in different phases. Furthermore, the detailed design and related results of each sub systems are shown in chapter 4. Also, some conclusions and recommendations are found during the process of the project. Finally, other useful information could be found in the appendix in order to be easier to understand what the team did.

  In preparation phase, the team would work together. Then it will be divided into two groups in design phase and test phase: software group and hardware group. The team members will come together to make the test for the connection of each part and the whole system. At last, the final production will be presented to the client and supervisor.